Roof Insulation 

Roof Insulation is one of the Most Effective Ways to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home and Save Energy While Doing so!

So how does roof insulation work exactly? Well you see, air is a poor conductor of heat and therefore insulation prevents cold air from entering your home, as well as maintain the warm air inside. The tiny pockets of air get trapped in between the insulation and keep your house warm when the weather starts to get cold.

There Is A Science Behind This

convection refers to the motion of a fluid from a hot area to a cold area. For example, when you pour hot water into cold water, the two combine temperatures by convection until both are the same temperature. This is what happens when the cold air tries to reach your home from the outside, the insulation acts as a convector and transforms the cold air with the warm air in the home to a stable, equal temperature.

Hot Air Rises, So That Makes The Roof The Most Important Place To Stop The Hot Air From Escaping.

But! For convection to work, there must be a good conductor, this is where the roof insulation comes into play. A great conductor has the ability to transfer heat. So once the air from outside becomes trapped in the insulation, it has little to no room to move causing poor convection and creating conduction. That is how roof insulation works to keep your home warm when it’s chilly outside.

Did you know that without roof insulation, 30-35% of heat is lost through the roof! That’s quite a bit, especially if it’s winter and you’re trying to stay warm from the elements. The last thing anyone wants during the middle of winter is to freeze inside their home simply from improper roof insulation.