Trust Asonic Roofing for Your Vinyl Siding Replacements

Siding Contractors Calgary Use Quality Materials on Your Home Improvements and Upgrades

Asonic Roofing Uses Upgraded Vinyl Materials
With Increased Durability Against Harsh Calgary Weather

Vinyl siding is our long-time friend in the home improvement world, making its first appearance way back in the 1960s. This material is typically made from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. While it is not the most eco-friendly material, it has become increasingly durable over the past few years, so we have seen an influx in its use. This material holds well against extremes, including hail and moisture build up. Better yet, this material is the budget-friendly option for most homeowners. Let Asonic Roofing upgrade your home, stay within your budget, but never sacrifice quality.

Vinyl Siding is Easy to Install,
Budget-Friendly, and Low-Maintenance

Great home improvements rely on quality materials. Vinyl siding is easier to install than wood siding, affordable, and now long-lasting. What more could you want from your house siding, Calgary? Quality materials promise long lifespans, and minimal maintenance. Vinyl is also very easy for Calgary homeowners to maintain - no repainting necessary! This means more time spent relaxing with your family.

Don't sacrifice quality to stay within your budget. Asonic's vinyl is the new-and-improved solution for your home. New versions of our old-time favourite now last longer than ever.

Asonic Roofing's Selection Offers Plenty of Siding Colours to Suit Your Home

Versatility is important to homeowners who want to feel good about their home. Vinyl siding is incredibly versatile, especially because of the large amount of siding colours Asonic Roofing offers. Newer vinyl materials have become great replacements for their wooden counterparts, combining all of the beneficial qualities of vinyl siding with the curb appeal of wood siding. It is important to have siding options when choosing the material to use on your house. Increased curb appeal adds value to your home. We want our clients to love their new house siding! Contact us at 403-457-2800 to learn more about your siding options, including siding colours.

Vinyl Siding and Insulation Increases the Energy Efficiency of Your Home,
Therefore the Value of Your Home

While vinyl material siding alone is not very insulating, the insulation included in most replacement packages makes this material a great option. The insulation included in a siding replacement package adds an extra layer between your home and the outer elements. Insulated vinyl siding increases the thermal efficiency of your home by increasing your energy efficiency. Homeowners find that they spend a lot less time adjusting their thermostat. When a home's energy efficiency increases, the value of the home increases as well. Valuable homes are efficient and well-maintained homes!

Asonic Roofing Offers Fair Warranties on All Vinyl Options

At Asonic Roofing, we understand. Home improvement decisions are difficult to make. If you still aren't sure about choosing vinyl siding, ask us about our warranties. That's right - we can guarantee our work. We want our clients to feel good about their home improvement.

To recap, the benefits of vinyl siding include:

  • Increased durability against extreme weathers
  • Many colour options
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Lower installation fees
  • Easy to install
  • Lower heat and cooling bills
  • Long lifetime
  • Minimal problems with moisture and warping
  • Increased property value

Vinyl siding isn't for you? Check out our Hardie board siding options.