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5 Reasons to Install A Soffit System

5 Reasons to Install A Soffit System

The soffit, which means “something fixed underneath,” is the siding underneath your roof’s overhang. Inconspicuous and hidden from street view, the soffit system may be neglected by new homeowners who do not understand its function. Yet, it plays an important role in keeping the home habitable and in good shape.

By installing a durable soffit system, you can expect to reap the following benefits:

  • Better protection for your roof 
  • Reduced moisture in your home
  • Less maintenance 
  • Superior aesthetics 
  • Increased resale value

For a soffit system that checks all the above, get in touch with Asonic Roofing. Since 2011, our family-owned roofing company has completed hundreds of soffit installation and repair projects across Calgary. Your soffit could be next! 

Why You Should Install A Soffit System 

Think of a soffit system as a protective barrier that separates the bottom of your roof from the elements. Without it, the construction  of your roof would be exposed. Not only would that be unsightly, it would jeopardize the health of your home. 

A good vinyl or aluminium soffit system helps your home in the following ways: 

Protect your roof: The most important job of your soffit is to protect the rafters from inclement weather. Without soffit to insulate them, they would get wet from the rain and snow. This in turn could lead to mold and rot, making your home inhospitable. A soffit also keeps pests and small animals from nesting in the rafters. 

Reduce moisture in your home: Most modern soffit systems come equipped with soffit vents and can improve the airflow in your attic. When the home is damp, the soffit brings outside air inside, which decreases moisture. Minimizing moisture in your home is a key component of healthy living, as mold can cause severe illnesses in residents. 

In addition to controlling moisture, the increased ventilation provided by the soffit can reduce your home’s temperature, keeping your electricity bills low. In the winter, the soffit can prevent heat from the attic from melting the snow on the roof, which can cause ice dams and leakages. 

Reduce home maintenance: By protecting the structural integrity of your rafters and keeping moisture out from your home, your soffit system is directly saving you thousands of dollars that you would otherwise have to spend on repairs and roofing services. 

If your roof gets ravaged by rot or pests, replacing it could cost upwards of $10,000. Remediation for mold costs a couple thousand dollars as well. In comparison, installing a soffit that would protect your home for decades to come costs significantly less than any maintenance it would prevent.

Improve your home’s appearance: Leaving the underbelly of your rafters for everybody to see is unsightly. Thankfully, soffit systems are more than just a necessary accessory to your home; they can be customized to improve your home’s aesthetics too. 

Soffits come in a variety of colours and finishes, including classy wood-grain. Regardless of your home’s architectural style, you are bound to find a soffit that complements its appearance. 

Increase your home’s resale value: Potential buyers will certainly examine the upkeep of your roof and siding. If your soffit system is poorly maintained or non-existent, buyers will place a lower value on your home.  

Your Roofing Services Expert

Do not overlook your soffit. Having a working soffit system in place means that your home is shielded from the elements, moisture, and unwanted critters. By protecting your home, your soffit can help you save on maintenance costs and increase resale value一should you ever want to sell your home. 

If your home does not have a soffit system yet or needs to have its soffit replaced or repaired, Asonic Roofing will happily do the job for you. Our automatic 10-year labour warranty on all soffit installations and roofing services means that your peace of mind is guaranteed. Call us at 403-462-2808 or fill out the online contact form to get started on your next home renovation project.  


Q: What warranty can I expect from Asonic Roofing?
A: We offer a 10-year labour warranty on all our projects. 

Q: Can I clean the vents on my soffit with water?
A: The soffit can be wiped clean with water, but pressured sprays should be avoided. Water that gets inside the soffit may increase the risk of mold. 

Q: How much does it cost to install a soffit?
A: The cost depends on the dimensions of your home and the material of the soffit. Call 403-462-2808 for a free assessment and quote.

Safe and Beautiful Roofs With 50 Year Peace Of Mind Warranties

Safe and Beautiful Roofs With 50 Year Peace Of Mind Warranties

With over 20 years of industry experience behind us, we are a leading roofing company in Calgary that understands the meaning of quality, customer service, and reliability. Whether you need us to fix a leaky roof or install a brand new front door, our free assessments, flexible payment plans, and high-quality products make it easy for you to achieve a safe and beautiful home. We are proud to serve Calgary and surrounding areas.

Get Your Free Roofing, Siding & Home Exterior Quote Today. Asonic Roofing Has You Covered!

We know that there are numerous roofing companies in Calgary you can choose from, but we set ourselves apart by providing our clients with free and honest assessments, fair prices, quality products, and excellent warranties.

Our focus is you, and we’ll never sell you anything that isn’t right for your home and family. Whether you require a total roof replacement, siding repair, or the installation of new windows and doors, our expert team will guide you through all your possible options to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

For more information about our roofing services, or to arrange a free assessment and quote, contact us today at (403) 462-2808 or complete our contact form below.

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