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6 Signs You Need To Know to Prevent A Roof Leak

6 Signs You Need To Know to Prevent A Roof Leak

We all know that pit curling in your stomach when you see that first ominous water droplet beading from your ceiling, and that silent prayer that it is a one off and not an indication of a looming and expensive problem. You might even be putting off getting that chronic drip in the corner looked at because it only reminds you when it rains. What you might not know is that a leak can start weeks, months and even years before you see that unmistakable drip. The problem is that by then, a few innocent beads can actually indicate a full blown tsunami on the internal health of your home. 

Best case scenario, leaks might ruin your new pistachio colored wall paint, causing it to stain and bubble, but it can also cause deeper issues such as moulding, mildew, wood rot, and other extensive problems.  

The good news is that we’ve come up with 6 signs to help you catch that pesky leak before you see it, so it doesn’t have the liberty of running wild behind your walls.

6 Signs You Need To Know To Prevent A Roof Leak

As trusted roofing experts with over a decade of experience in the industry, we are here to put your mind at ease that your home is in good hands. When you see a sign of a leak, give us a call and we will get to the root of it. While we will make sure you don’t have to see us again anytime soon, we never push for products or services that you don’t need. We offer an honest and transparent price, with a free assessment and quote upfront and flexible payment options to ease the financial burden of repair costs. 

For the average roof non-expert, here’s some basic roofing advice. Ps.. it’s on the house!

Whether your roof is barely holding on or you’ve recently bought a new home, the truth is most of us don’t give much thought to the state of our roofs- and that’s ok! You shouldn’t have to, especially when you’ve got quality work from a reputable roofing company. We’re not going to drastically disrupt your blissful ignorance, just give your roof a merciful glance every now and then for any of these crucial signs:

1. Too Many Bald Singles- We meant Shingles!
How To Spot It: 

Look for Bald Spots: Young shiny shingles have an even layer of black sandpaper looking granules compared to worn out shingles that will look a little sparse or “bald.” No need to haul yourself up on a ladder, the bare spots on your roof  are likely noticeable from the ground- just take a quick peek now and then when you’re hauling in the groceries with the kids and dog in tow. 

Shedding: You might notice tiny black granules have piled up in your gutters like hair in a shower drain. It’s normal to shed a few hairs, but you want most of them to stay in your head. Unfortunately, our harsh Calgary climates of rain, sleet and snow can cause the coatings on shingles to break down faster. Once you find a substantial amount of their peppered grains in your spouts, it’s time to face that they’re going to need a transplant.. Err repairs.. 

The Issue:

The granule coating protects your shingles from UV rays and keeps their inner asphalt coating from getting dried out. Without it they will start breaking, curling and cracking. Inevitably, they are a weak point for leaks and water damage underneath and could lead to bigger problems down the road. 

When in doubt, give us a call to get a free assessment and estimate on the lifespan of your shingles.

2. Curled Shingles
How To Spot It: 

Your roof looks like Farah Fawcett: If you see your shingles are starting to peel up at the edges and curl like a 70’s hairdo, that’s a roof fashion faux-pas. 

The Issue: 

It’s not really about how it looks, as much as it does leave your roof vulnerable to leaks. As the shingles perk up there is room for water damage and leaks to get in your roof or wind to rip off your shingles. Shingles tend to curl due to aging, or for a variety of other reasons including improper installment which is why it is key to get a warranty-backed and experienced roofer.

Curling shingles may also be a sign that your attic isn’t getting proper ventilation, which could lead to an endless list of repairs unless diagnosed by a professional. Shingles sporting a curl are seeking attention for a reason and can be a major clue you need to have a roofer investigate. 

Again, if for any reason you notice shingles start to curl or peel upwards it's time to call your local roofer so they can get to the root of your shingle's new look.

3. Buckled Shingles
How To Spot It: 

Doing the wave: Buckled shingles may appear wavy or like small peaks have formed underneath them and they may buckle or ripple.

The Issue: 

Wavy shingles can arise from rain and snow getting in, improper installation, or inadequate ventilation but you won’t know the cause from looking at them. The main concern is that the peak of the wave is an opening for moisture and water to get in which could be the source of an impending leak and headaches.

Just by looking at your roof a few times a year, you will start to notice any changes due to wear and tear or storm damage. Staying on top of regular maintenance can save you time and money later on. 

4. Moss or Algae: 
How To Spot It: 

A mossy situation: You’ll notice moss forms a thin green layer on or between your shingles. It can become easier to see when it becomes overgrown or pops shingles up as it grows.

The Issue:

Algae or moss will grow on your roof if there is too much moisture and shade. Moss locks in moisture making your shingles damp, leading to buckling, mould, and more.

You can prevent moss by cutting back shady trees and debris, and cleaning gutters or if you notice moss has already begun to grow, read our blog on best methods to remove moss from your shingles for some DIY tips. If that seems tedious or a little out of your comfort zone you can always call an expert for moss removal.

5. Damaged  Flashing: 
How To Spot It: 

If your roof has drip flashing, you can find it along the corners of your roof and under the shingles. They are usually the ‘L’ shaped metal sheets and sometimes have a rubber layer on top. They keep your roof resistant to water, direct water away from the sides of your home and from coming in. There is also flashing built anywhere something is built up through or beside the roof including walls. 

Any big cracks or damage here would be a foolproof indicator. Flashing may also lift, bend or buckle for many reasons including poor installation, settling of your home’s foundation, or simple wear and tear. 

The Issue: 

While drip flashing can help protect your exterior from water damage and leaks,  it is also one of the main causes of leaks when damaged. Instead of directing melting snow and rainwater away from the fascia and out of your home, it essentially fails. This one is not for the DIY amateur, and usually warrants a call to a roofing professional.

6. Ceiling drips or Stains: 
How To Spot It:

If any of the above signs aren’t present or were missed you might notice a dark stain or spot on your ceiling once the water has made its way into your home. Growing bubbles, blistered paint and plaster, and discoloration are all clues of a dripping leak. 

The Issue:

While stains and water bubbles may seem harmless or small, the problem is that the leak is also seeping outward, further down, and through any layer above as well. Leaks left to fester may cause structural damage, moulding, electricity problems, and more. 

A dripping leak may not seem too pressing, or easily disregarded but it can be an exhausting headache later on. 

Now that we’ve leaked all our tips...

If you recognize any of these signs, or any other common signs of roof leaks don't procrastinate, get ahead of the problem. It’s easy to push it off until you actually see a leak but curled, buckled, bald and moss-covered shingles are all a sign you could be slowly harboring moisture and mold. Damaged flashing and ceiling stains or drips are also signs to call a roofing company about sealing a leak or roof repair. You might not know what is going on behind the scenes, but if you pay attention to these key signs you may be able to catch hidden leaks. 

At Asonic Roofing, our experts will provide you with a free and honest assessment- we can tell you what the problem is and give you a quote with no obligation whatsoever. We are here to help, and as trusted leak professionals we have helped Calgary homeowners fix their leaks for over 10 years! Call us today for a free quote with no obligation, and financing options available so you can tackle that leak today and thank yourself tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roof Leaks

These Are Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions For Our Roofers About Roof Leaks

Leaks are typically due to ageing materials, damage, workmanship error or poor materials. Leaks may be a result of poorly done work and cutting corners, however without a warranty homeowners are left to bear the cost of repairing a brand new roof that is leaking. You can feel secure when you choose Asonic Roofing, all our  jobs come with a 10 year workmanship guarantee and our materials such as Owens Corning Shingles are warranted for fifty years! If your roof is under warranty, that means no leaks or it’s fixed free!

A roof leak can cost anywhere from $150 to $1500, and a roof in need of replacement with chronic leaks can run up an expensive tab in just a few visits. It’s important to consider the state of your roof when considering whether to repair a leaky roof or replace it. This is a great tool here to get an idea of what roof repairs may cost you, but at Asonic Roofing we can tell you every house is different and the size and cost will greatly impact the cost among other factors. We only use the best materials, and we are also one of the only companies that offer a free estimate and  a 10 year workmanship guarantee on your roof!

If your roof is leaking, first move things out of the way and protect your interior from water damage by collecting the water in buckets and covering things that you want to keep dry with a tarp. Remember to take photos of the leak and any damage for any insurance claims you may have to make later. 

If you see water collecting and sagging, insert a small pin into it and gradually make it bigger and catch the water into a bucket. This will prevent that water from spreading outwards and causing more damage.

Next, call a roofing company. Trying to climb onto a wet roof to makeshift tarp over the leak is not only dangerous but may not solve the issue, especially long term. Call the professionals, and spare any further damage as the leak could worsen. Plus, a good roofing company will be able to tell you whether repairs are worth it or if the overall condition and future problem areas indicate it would be more cost effective in the longterm to replace it. Read our article on 3 things to look for in a reputable roofing company- and remember to ask about free quotes and flexible financing options!


Safe and Beautiful Roofs With 50 Year Peace Of Mind Warranties

Safe and Beautiful Roofs With 50 Year Peace Of Mind Warranties

With over 20 years of industry experience behind us, we are a leading roofing company in Calgary that understands the meaning of quality, customer service, and reliability. Whether you need us to fix a leaky roof or install a brand new front door, our free assessments, flexible payment plans, and high-quality products make it easy for you to achieve a safe and beautiful home. We are proud to serve Calgary and surrounding areas.

Get Your Free Roofing, Siding & Home Exterior Quote Today. Asonic Roofing Has You Covered!

We know that there are numerous roofing companies in Calgary you can choose from, but we set ourselves apart by providing our clients with free and honest assessments, fair prices, quality products, and excellent warranties.

Our focus is you, and we’ll never sell you anything that isn’t right for your home and family. Whether you require a total roof replacement, siding repair, or the installation of new windows and doors, our expert team will guide you through all your possible options to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

For more information about our roofing services, or to arrange a free assessment and quote, contact us today at (403) 462-2808 or complete our contact form below.

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