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Get Your Roofing Done Before The Dead Of Winter

Get Your Roofing Done Before The Dead Of Winter

Winter might just be starting, but it’s not too late to get ready for the truly cold months. Even though the snow is falling and the temperature is dropping, we don’t yet have large buildups of ice or severe storms. November is typically your last chance to get any major work done on your home, as December housework slows down due to the holiday season and the intense cold, snow, and ice. Here are some reasons you might want to make sure all roofing repairs are completed before the worst of winter hits.

Are you and your roof ready for winter? Read Tips To Prepare Your Roof For The Winter for some DIY ways to prepare for the coming cold and snow.

Get Roofing Repairs Completed Before Winter Is In Full Swing

Replace Shingles While They’re Less Challenging
Working with cold tiles and shingles can be really difficult. When they get cold, shingles can become brittle and can be easily damaged. They’ll also become very difficult to work with and can make your roofing project take longer. If you need any roofing repairs or replacements, it is best to do this now, while temperatures are still manageable.

Protect Against Winter Storms
The air might be getting cold but we’re not quite into storm season yet. Now is the last chance to get roofing repairs or replacements done to protect your home before the big snowfalls hit. If your roof is old, weakened, or damaged, a severe winter storm or sudden snowfall can lead to further damage or even collapse. If you have any concerns about your roof, it’s best to address them now instead of panicking once snow and ice build up.

Save On Heating
As the cost of living continues to rise and Alberta faces increased energy prices, it’s highly beneficial to save money where you can. One major way to reduce spending is by making sure your roof is sufficiently insulated and not damaged, as this impacts the heating of your entire house. When your roof is in poor condition, it changes the air circulation in your home and it costs you more to heat your home. Roofing repairs or a roof replacement can fix any heating problems caused by your roof before the bitterly cold months set in. To learn more, read Can Your Roof Affect Energy Costs?

Keep Out Pests
We’re now in the time of year when the Calgary wildlife tries to curl up somewhere nice and warm to prepare for the winter, and this can include your roof. While some animals are still out there trying to gather food, it won’t be long until your roof turns into an appealing winter hotel to rodents, insects, and other small creatures. If you have any damage, rot, or cracks in your roofing, pests can get into these small areas and make their home. If you want to keep pests out, this is your last chance.

Get Your Roofing Repairs And Replacement ASAP

Calgary winters can impact your roof and lead to damage. Proactive roofing repairs and maintenance before the winter weather turns extra cold can maximize the chances of your roof going through the winter unscathed while increasing its ability to protect you and your home for many years to come. Whether you need a few roofing repairs or a full roof replacement, contact Asonic Roofing to assess and update your roof. As a leading roof installation and roof repair company located in Calgary, Asonic Roofing combines top-notch quality of work with competitive warranty packages. Call us at 1-403-462-2808 or fill out the online contact form to get your free roof assessment today.   


There are several signs it’s time for a roof repair:

  • The roof is missing shingles
  • The roof is old
  • Shingles are losing their granules
  • Shingles are curling
  • Snow is melting off your roof when it is not melting off of the roofs of your neighbours

More extreme roofing issues such as a sagging roof may need a full roof replacement.

The cost depends on the dimensions of your roof as well as the material of the shingles. Get in touch for a free assessment and quote.

We offer a 50-year non-prorated warranty on all our roof installs and a 10-year warranty on all work and repairs.

Get Your Free Roofing, Siding & Home Exterior Quote Today. Asonic Roofing Has You Covered!

We know that there are numerous roofing companies in Calgary you can choose from, but we set ourselves apart by providing our clients with free and honest assessments, fair prices, quality products, and excellent warranties.

Our focus is you, and we’ll never sell you anything that isn’t right for your home and family. Whether you require a total roof replacement, siding repair, or the installation of new windows and doors, our expert team will guide you through all your possible options to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

For more information about our roofing services, or to arrange a free assessment and quote, contact us today at (403) 462-2808 or complete our contact form below.

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