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How Are Soffit Repairs Performed?

How Are Soffit Repairs Performed?

Soffit repairs are a fairly quick and easy process compared to some other home repairs. Although there is some drying time for the sealants and paint (if you chose), that’s typically the only waiting involved. Soffits can be cut and fitted as the soffit repairs are happening, so you don’t need to wait for custom cut pieces to arrive. And because soffit repairs happen on the underside of your roof overhang, they do not require anyone to be on the roof, making the process safer for everyone involved and minimizing the risk of shingle damage. If it’s time for a fascia and soffit repair, here is what you can expect.

10 Steps Of Soffit Repair

  1. The Shingle Mold Is Taken Off
    Not every home will have a shingle mold, but for those that do, it will need to be removed. This will not damage the shingle mold and it can be reinstalled after everything is done.
  2. The Fascia Is Removed
    Starting at the end of the rafters, the fascia will be pried off using a flat bar. If the fascia is in good shape, it can be reattached after the soffit is repaired, however it is common for fascia to need to be replaced at the same time the soffit is replaced. If the fascia becomes damaged during removal (often due to rotting), it will need to be replaced.
  3. The Damaged Soffit Is Taken Off
    The soffit needs to slide out of the molding that is holding it horizontal to the house. This may require a pry bar to remove any nails. If there is any type of pest infestation (such as carpenter ants, rodents, wasps, etc.), the soffit will need to be handled with care and an exterminator will potentially need to be present. If the soffit it rotting, the soffit removal professional may be able to pull the soffit off without the need for specialized tools or large amounts of force. All damaged soffit will be completely removed.
  4. The Rafters Are Inspected
    When the soffit and fascia are removed, the rafters will be exposed. This is a great opportunity to have your rafters checked. If the ends of the rafters are rotted or otherwise damaged, they can be replaced at this time. Any damaged rafters will be removed and replaced and pressure treated lumber will be cut to size to replace the damaged pieces. These new pieces will then be held in place with a clamp until they are securely screwed down.
  5. The New Soffit Is Created
    The replacement soffit will need to be measured and cut out of thin hardboard. The soffit will be cut using a circular saw. Once cut, the soffit is covered with a waxy sealant designed for wood and it will need some time to dry. This sealant will help protect the soffit from future rot and water damage.
  6. The New Fascia Is Cut
    While the sealant is drying on the soffit, your new fascia will be cut (if needed). The fascia will also need to be coated in sealant.
  7. The New Soffit Is Installed
    The soffit will be set back into the molding and fastened to the underside of the rafters with long screws. Caulking may also be used on any areas that are at risk for water seeping through.
  8. The Fascia Is Installed
    Either your new fascia or your previous fascia, depending on the state of your original fascia, will be securely reinstalled. The shingle mold will then be put back into place and secured.
  9. Inspection
    After everything is completed, your roofing expert will examine the soffit repair, the fascia replacement, and the shingle mold to ensure that everything is properly secured and that there are no areas where water or pests could enter.
  10. Paint
    Some people like the look of the exposed wood, but many people like their soffit and fascia to be painted to create a final, clean look. This may take a few coats with drying time in between each coat. The paint used will be designed specifically for outdoor use.

Contact Asonic Roofing For Professional Soffit Repair

When it’s time to replace your soffit because of rot, pests, or age, call the professionals at Asonic Roofing. Our roofing specialists will quickly and effectively perform all soffit repairs to protect your home from harsh weather and to ensure your home stays comfortable all year long. If you suspect it’s time for a soffit repair, we’ll walk you through all of the options available, create a project timeline, and give you a quote for the project. We ensure competitive prices, trustworthy and certified tradesmen, as well as a prompt and professional service from start to finish. To speak to Asonic Roofing about soffit repairs, call 1-403-462-2808 or fill out the online contact form.


To help extend the life of your soffit, you should clean your gutters, your soffit, and your soffit vents to keep them clear of debris. You should also look for any soffit damage, especially if your soffit is old or you suspect a pest infestation. Learn more by reading Tips On How To Care For Your Soffit And Fascia.

Yes, in fact, we’re so confident in our unparalleled service that all of the labour and workmanship at Asonic Roofing in Calgary comes with a 10-year warranty.

They are not, but they do work together. Soffit is the horizontal covering underneath the eaves. Fascia is the vertical board under the gutter. Soffit and fascia work in tandem to regulate ventilation.

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