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How To Choose Your Gutter For Your Home

Though inconspicuous, your rain gutter plays an instrumental role in protecting your home from erosion. These long troughs attached to your home’s fascia (the siding on the roof’s overhang) catch rain and snow and direct them far away from your home’s siding. 

Not all gutters are the same. They come in multiple designs, shapes, and materials. The configurations are almost boundless! If you are thinking about replacing your current gutters, make sure that the gutter you choose is the best fit for your home. 

Having installed, repaired, and cleaned gutters of all kinds for more than 20 years, Calgary’s Asonic Roofing is the perfect companion to help you choose the ideal gutter and install it on your home. We are so confident in our work that we pair all our gutter installations with a 10-year labour and workmanship warranty. Call 403-462-2808 or fill out the online contact form to obtain a free quote for your gutter installation today. 

Choosing Your Gutter Design 

Given their numerous potential specifications, choosing a gutter can be a complex affair. However, all gutters fall under 2 designs: 

  • Sectional gutter: These traditional gutters consist of pre-cut sections sealed and soldered at the joints. Sectional gutters are relatively easy to assemble and install and come in many materials. Widely available, sectional gutters get the job done without breaking the bank. Failing or broken sections can be easily replaced. While sectional gutters can be excellent home renovation projects for do-it-yourselfers, they are generally not as effective as seamless gutters. Water may still leak between the soldered sections. Appearance customization is also limited. 
  • Seamless gutter: As their name suggests, seamless gutters come in long, smooth single pieces. The main advantage of seamless gutters over sectional gutters is that they do not leak. Another advantage is that they can come in as many as 50 colours; their appearance will almost always synergize well with your home. The downside is that these are more expensive. Furthermore, the single pieces that make up the gutter system need to be created with a specialized machine. Installing a seamless gutter most likely requires a professional roofing company. 

The tradeoff between a sectional and a seamless gutter is mainly centred around cost versus effectiveness. Sectional gutters are more affordable but run greater risks of leakage. Seamless gutters command a heftier price but will reward you with superior durability. 

Choosing Your Gutter Shape 

The shape of your gutter is not just about aesthetics, as it has an impact on your gutter’s function, which is to protect your home’s sidings from erosion.  

Gutter shapes come in 3 variations:

  • K-shape: Reminiscent of crown moulding found in house interiors, the k-shape profile is the most popular for good reasons. It carries more water and is sturdier than other gutter shapes. However, k-shape gutters are susceptible to clogging and will require more maintenance. Consider outfitting your k-shape gutter with a gutter guard. 
  • Half-round shape: These u-shaped gutters are the most low-maintenance options among the three. They also present a rustic look to your home. Half-round gutters do not carry as much water as the others and are more expensive than k-shape gutters. They are also more difficult to install. 
  • Fascia shape: Uniquely reserved for seamless gutters, the tall, narrow fascia profile covers the entire height of the fascia. Fascia gutters are durable, catch a lot of water, and are recognized for their attractiveness. 

These qualities do not come cheap, however, as fascia gutters are often twice as expensive compared to k-shape and half-round gutters. Fascia gutters are also difficult to clean because of their height and narrowness. 

Settling on your gutter’s form is usually a matter of cost and maintenance. Low-cost k-shape gutters are workhorses that need frequent maintenance; half-round gutters are more expensive but do not need to be cleaned or declogged as often. However, if you have committed to a seamless design, consider a fascia gutter. The more money you spend on your home, the higher its value.

Choosing Your Gutter’s Material 

You can build your gutter from a variety of materials. These include:

  • Aluminium: This popular option is inexpensive, light, resists corrosion, and can come in a wide range of colours. It is usually the only option for seamless gutters. 
  • Galvanized steel: Coated with zinc, steel gutters trade strength for vulnerability to rust. 
  • Copper: Copper gutters look chic but are more expensive than other options. 
  • Vinyl: This material is notable for its customizable appearance and its affordability. It is less durable than other materials.

Most experts agree that aluminium is the most cost-effective material for your gutter. It competes with other materials in most aspects and has very few downsides. 

Which Gutter Is Right For You?

Gutters these days come in multiple variations. You have 2 choices of design, at least 3 profile shapes, and even more, materials to choose from. 

A seamless gutter is rarely a poor choice, its hefty price tag notwithstanding. The gutter’s shape is more of a tossup, though you cannot really go wrong with the highly popular k-shape profile. As for its material, aluminium is the safest choice.

Regardless of your decision, Asonic Roofing is here to craft and install the perfect gutter system for your home. Take advantage of our 10-year labour warranty on your gutter installation today! Call 403-462-2808 or fill out the online contact form for a free quote. 


My gutter keeps clogging. What should I do?
Installing a gutter guard on your system can prevent debris from accumulating. 

When should I clean my gutter system? 
You should clean your gutter if you see leaves sticking out of it and rainwater flying off the roof.

How much do gutters cost? 
The cost of your gutter depends on a variety of factors, including its length. A foot of aluminium seamless gutter costs on average $10 or more.

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