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Improve Your Home, Inside And Out, With New Windows

Improve Your Home, Inside And Out, With New Windows

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but the windows are also the eyes of the home. They are what people look at first, providing an easy focal point. The windows are an especially important part of the home, as they impact the look of the house both from the outside and the inside, and they change the lighting of a room. This makes the windows a vital component of your home renovations, as they can not only change the aesthetic of your home, but new windows can save on energy costs by adding natural light and offering increased insulation. The function of windows, both practical and visual, is an important feature worthy of an update.

Improve The Look Of Your Home With Updated Windows

Elevate Your Home On A Budget. Windows are a great way to invest in your home as they are a form of budget-conscious renovation that benefits both the outside and inside, giving you two renovated spaces for the price of one. If you’re considering selling your home, investing in a few areas can create a large payoff, and updating your windows is great for this. Even though it’s only one project, updating your windows has been shown to greatly increase resale value.

Compliment The Character Of Your Home. Windows have been a main staple of architecture since their invention, and the style of your windows can add details that highlight the architectural style of your home. For example, Victorian and Queen Anne style homes greatly benefit from French-style sliding patio doors that allow light into the home while also accentuating the traditional style of these homes. The type of windows and doors you get should be complementary to the style of your home while also being modern and practical.

Let In More Light And Make Rooms Feel Bigger. On the inside of your home, updating and expanding your windows will allow more light into the room, making it feel larger and more welcoming. The feeling that the room is larger than reality is not only because of the natural light, it is because it visually extends the room outside. This brings in natural elements and colours while keeping the home comfortable.

Accessorize Your Windows. Updating your windows doesn’t mean replacing just the glass or changing the window size, it means utilizing stylistic features to complement your home. Choosing a window frame colour that contrasts with your home's colour pallet will make the window pop and will center it as a focal point. Adding or subtracting grills or shutters can also update the look of the home, depending on the style. Even doing some landscaping and adding or maintaining the greenery around the windows can make a huge difference; trimming large trees or bushes can let in adequate light while showing off your beautiful new windows.

Cut Costs. Updating your windows isn’t only for aesthetic purposes. When a room is well lit, it requires less electricity to keep it comfortable, thus saving you money on your utility bill. Triple-paned windows also are now available to keep your home properly insulated during those cold Calgary winters. Not only does this save you money on heating and cooling, it also adds value to your home for future buyers and it makes a more comfortable living space for you and your family.

Have New Windows Installed By Asonic Roofing

If you would like to update your windows to ones that are energy-efficient and visually appealing, contact Asonic Roofing. Our expert team only uses reputable brands such as Kolbe and Kohltech and we employ fully-licensed window and door installers dedicated to providing quality workmanship that you and your family will appreciate for years to come. Asonic Roofing has been helping Calgary homeowners with home renovations for over a decade and is committed to finding the best solution for your unique requirements and budget. If you would like to partner with a Calgary owned and operated construction company, contact Asonic Roofing at 1-403-462-2808 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: What warranty is offered on window installations?
A: At Asonic Roofing, all window installations and window repairs come with a 10-year labour warranty.

Q: What is a low E window?
A: Low E stands for “low emissivity.” Low E windows are preferred by homeowners as they are more energy-efficient, hold the temperature better, and offer better protection from UV Rays.

Q: When should I replace my windows? 
A: We recommend replacing your windows if they are starting to warp or crack or if they are more than 20 years old.

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Our focus is you, and we’ll never sell you anything that isn’t right for your home and family. Whether you require a total roof replacement, siding repair, or the installation of new windows and doors, our expert team will guide you through all your possible options to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

For more information about our roofing services, or to arrange a free assessment and quote, contact us today at (403) 462-2808 or complete our contact form below.

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