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Storm Checklist To Prevent Long Term Repairs

Storm Checklist To Prevent Long Term Repairs

Calgary is known for its radically changing weather, a fair share of hail damage, and roof repairs casualties. Most of us close our eyes and wince as we evaluate the aftermath of a storm. If we don’t see any blatantly obvious damage, we usually count ourselves lucky and don’t give it too much thought. We often take for granted that our roof is the first thing that protects our homes from the elements.

Most people know that extreme weather conditions may damage your roof, but did you know that damage to the structure of your roof can be unnoticeable when it happens gradually? If you don’t inspect your roof regularly, it is likely in ways you haven't noticed. When damage is left unrepaired, water and snow can get into those weak points causing leaks and mold. Over time this creates a compound of issues, and a considerable repair job can seem to have sprung out of nowhere.

We’ve put together a comprehensive (but brief) list to help you identify roof damage, so you know when to call a local roofing company.


Post-Storm Repair Checklist For Any Hail, Wind, Or Storm Damage

As trusted roofing experts with over a decade of experience in the industry, we are here for all your hail and storm damage needs. As a local and family-owned roofing company, we only use tried and trusted methods and materials that protect your home and save you money. We never push for repairs or services that you don’t need. We offer an honest and transparent price, with a free assessment and quote upfront and flexible payment options to make investing in a quality roof a breeze. 

The Waiting Game

While you’re waiting out the storm, you will likely be able to tell a lot about what kind of damage to expect. If you believe you have roof damage, a significant first step would be to snipe a coveted appointment to schedule a roof inspection before they fill up. Remember to save the up-close roof inspection for the roofers to prevent a detour trip to the hospital.

Assessing Roof Damage and Casualties:

How To Spot It: 

If you don’t already know you were hit by lightning (cue power outages, fire, smoke, and water pouring in from a sizable and uninvited hole in your roof), you might see signs of a smaller entry hole and singed or damaged shingles.

The issue: 

You’re in a better place than if a tree had been struck, crashing down on your roof to be sure, but it can still cause significant and long term damage; Rather than the apparent structural damage and fire hazard of a large bolt, minor lightning damage to roofs goes unnoticed. If your home is struck by lightning, it can create a hole in the roof’s structure, singeing or damaging shingles and the supporting structure, as well as allowing rain into the house.

If you know you’ve been hit, call 911 and ask for the Fire department. Whether there is a fire hazard or structural damage, they can assess that it is safe to be in the home. You’re going to want to google “roofers near me” to get your roof repaired promptly and seal any subsequent leaks.


High Winds: 
How To Spot It: 

When high winds accompany storms, they have a tremendous potential to damage your roof. Wind can loosen or remove shingles, and fallen shingles can expose older shingles or underlayment underneath. 

When the storm has cleared, take a quick pop outside to look for:

  • Damaged, cracked, or missing shingles.
  • Any visible leaks present in your attic or ceiling.
  • Bald or horizontal lines on shingles.
The Issue: 

Even if no shingles are pulled from the roof by the wind, they can still become worn down and damaged. Beaten or missing shingles could create hidden leaks in your roof. If you notice signs of any dejected shingles on your roof, it is best to have them replaced by a roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Rain and Water Damage
How To Spot It: 

Most roofs can generally withstand heavy rain but throw some hail and winds in the pot, and you have a home-made recipe for roof damage. 

Signs of Rain Damage include:

  • Shingles are cracked or missing.
  • Signs of humidity are present in your attic.
  • Water stains or warping on your ceiling is a vital sign that your roof tiles are leaking.
The Issue:

Missing or maimed shingles weaken the roof’s defense against water. Exposure to water in your roof can cause leaks, further damage, or even mold growth in your attic and your home’s structure. It’s essential to regularly check your home for storm damage after a storm, stay alert to signs of hidden leaks and humidity in your attic.

How To Spot It:

Calgarians have all had their fair share of hail damage; An extreme weather occurrence often creates a lot of damage to cars, homes, and roofs. Usually, you can estimate the damage by looking at the size of those suckers laying on the ground or stepping out to see your siding resembles a mangled slice of swiss cheese. 

Subtle and apparent signs of hail damage:

  • Soft or shiny spots where the roof felt pokes through.
  • Hail in your gutters and downspouts.
  • Cracked, broken, and missing shingles.
  • Ice dams on your shingles.
The Issue:

Without a thorough assessment of the unobvious hail damage, hailstones can still create unseen fractures in your shingles and weaken the entire roof structure. Broken shingles can also lead to ice dams building up when it snows, as melted snow can’t drain off properly. Hail can also dislodge the granules on shingles that protect them from rain and sun, making them more susceptible to damage. Finally, while you’re waiting for a roofer to come by making sure all your downspouts are in good shape and cleaned out so that water doesn’t pool at your foundation. 

Calm after the Storm

Now that you know what sort of damage your roof might have incurred from the elements, make a call to a roofing company to assess your roof. You’ll want to stay off your roof, as the structure may be compromised, and it could be slippery from loose shingles, water, or ice dams and look from the ground or windows until you call a roofing professional.

At Asonic Roofing, they provide a free quote and assessment, so you have nothing to lose for some peace of mind. Repair storm damage, seal roof leaks and repair broken or missing shingles, and save yourself from costly repairs for long-term damage down the road. 

Frequent Questions Our Clients Have For Us

The best way to protect your roof is to regular maintenance and prompt repairs for any minor or major hail, wind, or rain damage. Over time, unnoticeable issues to the eye can weaken the integrity of your roof and create seemingly overnight leaks.

Yes, try to document ongoing damage no matter how small and quotes to provide your insurance provider. The best way to confirm storm damage is to establish regular photos of your roof and maintenance checks. Minor issues gone unrepaired and undocumented can lead to a costly repair down the road, which you will want thoroughly documented.

Yes! Even small hailstones can cause damage to a roof. The most significant indicator is dented gutter and broken/missing shingles. You’ll want to book a roofing contractor to ensure the damage hasn’t broken granule seals on your shingles or opened it up to any future leaks.

Safe and Beautiful Roofs With 50 Year Peace Of Mind Warranties

Safe and Beautiful Roofs With 50 Year Peace Of Mind Warranties

With over 20 years of industry experience behind us, we are a leading roofing company in Calgary that understands the meaning of quality, customer service, and reliability. Whether you need us to fix a leaky roof or install a brand new front door, our free assessments, flexible payment plans, and high-quality products make it easy for you to achieve a safe and beautiful home. We are proud to serve Calgary and surrounding areas.

Get Your Free Roofing, Siding & Home Exterior Quote Today. Asonic Roofing Has You Covered!

We know that there are numerous roofing companies in Calgary you can choose from, but we set ourselves apart by providing our clients with free and honest assessments, fair prices, quality products, and excellent warranties.

Our focus is you, and we’ll never sell you anything that isn’t right for your home and family. Whether you require a total roof replacement, siding repair, or the installation of new windows and doors, our expert team will guide you through all your possible options to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

For more information about our roofing services, or to arrange a free assessment and quote, contact us today at (403) 462-2808 or complete our contact form below.

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