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Tips on How to Care for your Soffit and Fascia

Tips on How to Care for your Soffit and Fascia

Every part and section of your home’s construction has a purpose. Your soffit, the siding underneath your roof’s overhang, and your fascia, the siding that covers the fascia board (the trim that is installed at your roof’s edges) directly above the soffit, are no exception. 

The soffit is usually outfitted with vents and serves to bring outside air into the attic, reducing moisture. During summer, the vents work to release heat from your attic. The fascia protects the ends of the rafters and holds the gutter system, your first line of defense against rainwater damage. A well-maintained fascia also adds to your house’s curb appeal. 

Given their important roles in making your home liveable, the soffit and fascia need to be working at their full efficiency at all times. Maintenance involves periodical cleanings and making any repairs before structural damage can occur. Many homeowners are comfortable taking on seasonal cleaning, but repairs may be best left to the pros.

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How To Maintain Your Soffit  

Inconspicuously located underneath the overhang of your roof, the soffit nevertheless plays a big part in ensuring that your home is well aerated and leak-proof. If your soffit is not in good condition, moisture can gather into the attic. Too much moisture can spur the growth of mold on the surfaces and spaces of your roof and attic.

Here is how you can keep your soffit in working order and protect your home from unwanted moisture:

Clean the gutter system: The buildup of debris in your gutters can increase the possibility of water leakage into your soffit—bringing in moisture into your home. To prevent detritus from accumulating in your gutters and causing water seepage into the soffit, have them cleaned at least twice a year.

Clean the soffit: The vents in your soffit can get clogged over time by dust and dirt. Clogged vents prevent your soffit from doing its job, which is to improve air circulation and prevent moisture from forming. Unclog your vents with compressed air; avoid spraying water directly on the vents. 

In addition to the vents, the soffit itself should be cleaned from grime and dirt too. Most soffits have a protective moisture-resistant coating, so feel free to use detergent. 

The soffit should be cleaned once every 2 years. 

Inspect your soffit: Depending on the material your soffit is made of, it can rust, rot, or peel. Either way, damage to your soffit’s surface can lead to moisture, leaks, and even pest infestations. A damaged soffit will need to be sealed or caulked as soon as possible. 

As long as you regularly clean your soffit and make the appropriate repairs, it should protect your home from the elements and keep away moisture for decades. Consider hiring a professional for best results. 

How To Maintain Your Fascia

The fascia needs to be strong to support the bottom row of the shingles on your roof as well as the gutter system. A damaged fascia can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Here are some signs that indicate your fascia is in need of maintenance or repair:

Damaged paint: This indicates that the wood underneath the fascia has swollen due to dampness. Repairs are in order. 

Noticeable rot: If you see parts of your fascia rotting, fix them immediately. These parts will have to be replaced before the fascia itself falls apart. 

Gutter leaks: A gutter leak is not always indicative of a faulty gutter system. It could also signal a fascia in need of repair.

Holes: Holes on a fascia indicate an infestation. Pests can destroy the fascia from within, so always check for structural damage and make sure the infestation is removed for good. 

Inspecting your fascia for damage is straightforward, but fixing it is a different story altogether. You may not have the tools or the experience to make repairs yourself. Contact an expert when in doubt. 

Take Pride In Your Home

The structural integrity of your soffit and fascia are vital to your home. Neglecting these areas can lead to mold, leaks, and roof damage. Thankfully, you can prevent these outcomes by taking preemptive action; clean your soffit and inspect your fascia for damage often. You can even bring in a professional to do it for you. Asonic Roofing is Calgary’s top choice for soffit and fascia maintenance and repair. Call us for your free quote at 403-462-2808 or fill out the online contact form


Q: What warranty can I expect from Asonic Roofing?
A: We offer a 10-year labour warranty on all our projects. 

Q: Can I use water to clean my soffit?
A: You can use water and a mild detergent to wipe your soffit clean, but avoid spraying water, especially high-powered, directly at your faucet as this could force moisture into the soffit vents.

Q: What are the types of fascia?
A: A fascia came be made of vinyl, wood, aluminium, or composite materials.

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